What’s Like Yoga, But Easier, Cheaper And Faster?

Yoga is intimidating”

That’s what a lot of us think when looking for exercises with both physical and mental benefits. While yoga is likely everyone’s top-of-mind when it comes down to it, there seems to be an invisible entry barrier that scares off the average Joes or Janes among us.

Like you, a lot of our fans, friends and loved ones feel overwhelmed by the complex, limb-twisting poses they have to go through with yoga. And, like you, it feels like their bodies would never be ready for such movements. All that, on top of the hundred-dollar-an-hour rate for a yoga session and the risk of hurting themselves for doing it all wrong, contributes to their firm stance as non-believers.

Enter Bend — an all-rounded wellness app that focuses on the simpler, gentler side of exercising. Here’s why our fans love it, and you will as well:

It’s So Easy, Everyone Can Do It

You know why Bend is called Bend? Because every time our users think “My body doesn’t bend that way!”, the app proves them wrong.

No more “Pretzel-looking” poses that leave you confused and embarrassed. No more breath-control challenges that leave you nauseous afterwards. Just some incredibly simple movements:

  • Stand, kneel or lie down
  • Arms, legs or hips up
  • Turn neck, shoulders or back
An example of Bend’s simple yoga poses for stretching

You can do it yourself. Download and try the app here!

Not convinced? Here’s more:

It’s So Gentle, Nobody Can Get Hurt

Many yoga poses can be overwhelmingly difficult to perform and would take weeks if not months to learn. The hardest part is: Not everyone has this kind of time and can afford this kind of commitment.

It may take a while for anybody to do this pose without falling over (Image by Oksana Taran, Unsplash)

So, the pain it may require you to withstand before the access to such poses or exercises is granted can be quite daunting. Even worse, you may fall, twist your ankles, bruise your legs or hurt your neck.

All that can be prevented with Bend. It’s intentionally developed to focus on gentle, static stretching exercises that can hurt no-one.

Actual instructional illustrations inside Bend

More importantly, all it takes is 5 minutes to learn and you’re good to perform any of Bend’s poses on your own. Speaking of which:

It’s So Quick, You’re 5 Minutes In And It’s Done

That’s right, 5 minutes a day is all it takes to stretch and be well with Bend.

Need we say more? It’s a thoroughly designed app that helps you stretch safely like any yoga products, which brings tremendous health benefits (which we’ll be covering in the next issue), and it takes just 5 minutes.

What’s even shorter than 5 minutes? Getting started with Bend. Download today on the App Store here!



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